Last time, we talked about what gut flora is. Today, we want to discuss ways you can balance your gut flora.


Are Bacteria Really Good for You?


Sometimes we want to think that bacteria are harmful, but it serves a great purpose in our gut! Out of the trillions of strains of bacteria, we want to ensure we have the right amount of those good bacteria.


These good bacteria do many things to help us, including:

  • Breaking down foods.
  • Supplying the gut with energy.
  • Making some vitamins.
  • Producing anti-inflammatory compounds called postbiotics in the colon.
  • Breaking down toxins.
  • Protecting against pathogens by setting up camp where the harmful bacteria normally would and by producing anti-microbial chemicals that defend the host against them
  • Helping make neurotransmitters. Our gut flora is essential for producing at least five neurotransmitter compounds.
  • Improving our bone, brain, gut, heart, skin, and immune system health.


How Can I Improve My Gut Flora?


There are multiple ways you can improve your healthy gut flora. Those include:

  • Increasing your fiber intake through your diet. Foods with digestive-resistant starch are great at populating beneficial gut bacteria in our colon.
  • Taking a probiotic, but only if your diet is low in fiber, for a short-term boost, or if recommended by a qualified health professional.
  • Eating and drinking fermented foods.
  • Eating a whole food plant-based diet. It will contain lots of fiber.
  • Limiting the intake of processed foods. They have chemicals that kill your gut flora.
  • Avoiding sucralose (Splenda). Studies show it kills gut flora if consumed regularly.


Challenges with Imbalanced Gut Flora


At least 80% of my clients have some type of digestive issue. They range from leaky gut syndrome, GERD (reflux), heartburn, bloating, cramps, constipation, and a smaller amount with a blend of constipation and diarrhea. If symptoms last long enough, it can become irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or irritable bowel disease (IBD) such as colitis or Crohn’s. Unfortunately, most people never consider their food’s impact on their digestive health.


This is very important: your health is highly impacted by your gut health.


It impacts your neurological health, heart, vascular system, bone health, nutrient absorption, immune system, detoxing ability, and more.  In addition, according to Psych Central, an imbalance in your gut flora can cause depression and anxiety. Your gut is your second brain!


Get your gut healthy, and many adverse conditions can improve significantly and even disappear.


Next time, we’ll talk about what damages our gut flora. For more information on how Vive Shake can help with your gut flora, contact us today at or 877-878-3009.



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