Are you embarrassed when you squeak one out that you will run everyone out of the room? Or hate to use a friend or family member’s bathroom out of fear that you totally bomb their bathroom? It could be that out-of-balance gut flora is to blame! Over the next few weeks, we’re going to talk about gut flora and its impact on your overall health and wellness.


What Is Gut Flora?


Our gut has approximately 1,000 strains of bacteria that number in the trillions. That’s our gut flora. According to the National Library of Medicine, gut flora plays an important role in, “supplying essential nutrients, synthesizing vitamin K, aiding in the digestion of cellulose, and promoting angiogenesis and enteric nerve function.”


What’s the Downside of Unhealthy Gut Flora?


Certain conditions like stomach bugs or food sensitivities can cause that bacteria to get out of balance. This condition is called dysbiosis. For example, Brussels sprouts and cabbage can cause smelly gas and bloating in some people sensitive to the type of fiber and sulfur compounds those cruciferous plants contain. When your gut is out of balance, your flatulence and bathroom trips might be very smelly.


What Happens When You Balance Your Gut Flora?


If you balance your gut flora, most of the foul smell will likely disappear. And in fact, did you know you can even get your digestive system used to foods like legumes (beans) that generally cause a lot of gas in some individuals?


The more balanced your gut flora, the less offensive and smelly your emissions should be.


Most of my clients don’t believe me until it happens. For example, a coaching client recently told me their emissions were barely noticeable now, and we’re just six weeks into their coaching program. So, realize it takes time to heal the gut and bring balance to our microbiome. For some, change can be quicker, and for others, it may take longer.   Did you know that Vive Shake helps balance your gut flora? Contact us today at or 877-878-3009 for more details! In our next post, we’ll talk about good bacteria and ways to balance your gut flora.


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