Honey – Nature’s Medicine

Honey – Nature’s Medicine


Honey is a powerful food, even medicine from nature. Raw honey is a natural antibacterial. It can knock out and even wipe out just about any type of bacteria you list, including MRSA. Additionally, honey has a long list of healing health properties and has a lot of research backing up these statements.


Would you have ever thought something so simple from nature could be so powerful and actually heal and prevent so many health issues? I knew raw honey was healthy but really didn’t know it was this powerful until I began reading the studies and research on honey. Honey belongs in your kitchen next to every NutriBullet or Vitamix and should be eaten every day, small amounts go a long way!


Honey is an amazing substance. Its use for food goes as far back as 8,500 years ago in murals found in Spain and for medicine as far back as 5,000 years ago in Greece, India, and China.


Honey is literally a gift from the honeybee! The honeybee makes honey as food for baby bees (larvae) and for food for the hive when nectar is in short supply during the winter.


Honey is mostly sugar composed of fructose and sucrose, smaller amounts of other sugars, and other nutrients and antioxidants in a water base. The honeybee transforms nectar into honey through the regurgitation of an enzymatic substance into honeycombs, and then, through evaporation of enough water, you have honey.


Yes, that is how bees make honey!


Now the Good Stuff!


Honey has outstanding health properties. It’s amazing when you see honey is just sugars, water, and a small amount of other nutrients. Fake honey does not offer the health benefits that real raw honey does. (Did you even know fake honey existed?) You always want to look for raw honey.


Research studies tell us many positive things about honey. Let’s look at a few.






  • Honey can keep skin supple and can help reduce scarring because it keeps skin hydrated.


  • Honey is great for digestive support because it acts as a prebiotic and kills bad bacteria.



  • Honey is very effective for sore throats when mixed with lemon juice and green tea and then sipped on.




  • Honey mixed with Ceylon cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, and green tea makes a very powerful anti-inflammatory drink. If you use a lot of cinnamon you should only use Ceylon cinnamon. The other type of cinnamon found in most grocery stores is a variety called cassia cinnamon. Cassia cinnamon has coumarin, a toxic compound that can damage your liver if consumed in higher quantities.



While honey isn’t an ingredient in Vive Shake, we do recommend using Organic Raw honey as part of your total nutrition plan. To see how this whole-food, fiber-rich supplement can add to your wellness routine, contact us today at info@viveshake.com or 877-878-3009. Next time, we’ll talk about a special brand of raw honey – Unique Manuka.


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